On the warrior’s path


There is more to the image of a warrior fearlessly taking on enemies in a fight or standing in confidence with a weapon at hand. Much like martial artists are more than the skills and techniques they learn in practice. A martial art is more than what many see on the surface. It is a way of life and a lifelong journey on the warrior’s path that many choose to embrace.

Some people mistakenly assume that martial arts promote violence. And sometimes it is not easy to fault this reasoning when some martial artists become involved in fights they could have otherwise avoided. And to make things worse, some practitioners have also been to become violent at some point. This creates a negative impression that tends to reflect on martial arts as a whole.

But nothing could be far from the truth for those who understand what learning the art truly means. These students often learn patience and restraint among other things. Many of the most skilled martial artists are also among the most patient and tolerant. They are the ones who would rather avoid a fight if they can rather than start it. Some may even have started as hot-headed students who have matured into calmer versions of themselves who are capable of assessing a situation before jumping into a fray.

Taking up a martial art is about committing to a lifelong pursuit of learning, self-discipline, and continuous improvement. And more importantly, it is about constantly fine-tuning the mind, body, and spirit on the never-ending journey down the warrior’s path.